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Home from Hospital

Mi Casa Care believe in getting you home safely after a stay in hospital and making sure every little thing is covered.

Home From Hospital Service


Mi Casa understand your need for support when you return home after a stay in hospital realising how daunting this can be to many.


With our ‘Home from Hospital’ service we aim to help alleviate your fears of coming home to an empty house and help you to settle back in to your own home environment as soon as possible supporting you for up to 6 weeks after discharge. Responding in under 4 hours we can react quickly and work together with professionals and agencies to support you to receive a smooth transition home.



Taking you home with Mi Casa Care

Mi Casa is all about flexible, responsive, person centred care and we are keen to support individuals in a way that works for them. Giving you control, confidence and independence.

Our services are diverse but interlink with each other creating a safety net of support ensuring that there are no gaps, disruption or confusion – and it doesn’t stop there!

We are always looking for better ways in which we can improve our services and love to hear feedback and suggestions – so please get in touch!


Mi Casa are keen to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. Getting you back in your own environment can be empowering and a big step on the path to recovery.

Mi Casa offers a range of reablement packages to suit you individual needs.

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Back under your roof

with Mi Casa Care?


We can support individuals by:

  • Visiting them at hospital prior to coming home

  • Carrying out needs assessments

  • Liaising with professionals

  • Arranging for prescriptions to be delivered

  • Visiting their home before they return to make sure that heating and electricity are in working order and to prepare for their homecoming

  • Prepare a food basket of essential items

  • Liaise with family and friends

  • Arrange for pets to be brought home

  • Visit daily for up to 6 weeks to offer support and company

  • Install assisted technology

  • Provide 24 hour response services

  • Provide short term (Up to 6 weeks) daily personal care calls

  • Provide a live in carer

  • Offer a befriending service to prevent social isolation

  • And many more!

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