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Making Care Arrangements 

How to arrange care with Mi Casa Care

Contact Mi Casa Care. We are here 7 days a week to talk through your query and tell you about the home care services we can provide. You can call us on 0800 689 4267 to find out more about the services we provide. We will be able to provide you with approximate costs of care over the telephone once we understand a little more about your current situation.


With the benefit of  new information comes the benefit of choice. Now that you know more, this is the time to discuss Care with your loved ones, review the information and costs we have given you and to decide whether one to one care at home is worth more consideration. Mi Casa Care will follow up with you after 5 days to see if we can be of any more help.


Book a  no obligation assessment with Mi Casa Care. This will outline the level of care required and the costs around this. This is also the time to discuss carer preferences. Mi Casa Care will then provide you with details and profiles of carers we have available, so that you have more choice around who your care workers are.


Agree on a start date and your Carer will start providing care for you or your loved one. Our care workers complete full daily records. We will be in touch to make sure you are happy and all is going well.


Mi Casa Care are always there to provide additional support as required. Please feel free to call us anytime on 0800 689 4267

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