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Mi Casa Care

España (Spain)

Supporting you to live your life in the sun!

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Mi Casa Care in Spain

Mi Casa Care are a new and innovative care provider supporting individuals across the UK and Spain to remain independent in their own homes.  

Having expanded across the sunny climates of beautiful Spain we provide Rapid Response, Falls Response Services, Home Care, Waking and Sleeping nights care cover throughout the Stunning Jalon Valley, Valenciana, down to Alicante and close surrounding areas. 

Keeping the dream alive! 

When planning your dream move across to sunnier climates little thought can be put in to a decline in health and the decisions you are faced with at what can be a very difficult time.


Faced with the choice of having to return to the UK to seek care and support or having to find full time care within a care home these are never part of the original plan. 

At Mi Casa we have a range of innovative services using the most advanced assistive technology, outstanding care services and Quality training which, together, can help you keep the dream alive. 

Bringing together technology,

outstanding care delivery and quality teams to ensure

You keep living Your dream

for longer!"



Care Solutions

Mi Casa Care has a solution for all care situations. If we don't mention it, it doesn't mean we can't do it! 

Have you got family who have relocated to Spain but who now needs some support?  But you're not sure how to go about it?

We can put all the support in place to ensure that 'mum and dad' or family member can continue to live their life to the full, independently in the place where they call home without the pressure to make unnecessary choices. 

Where in Spain does Mi Casa operate?

As one of the only providers of world leading digital assistive technology

in Spain and the UK we are able to provide call monitoring and device installation anywhere in the world, provide live in carers anywhere across Spain and the Spanish Islands.

We are growing day by day and as such response and care services are becoming available in new areas each week! 

Please call us or drop us a line to see how we can meet your requirements. 

Call us on (+34) 910 077 114

or (+44) 0800 689 4267

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