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What type of care can Mi Casa provide?

Mi Casa Care are proud to deliver a new model of care which is flexible and apadtable making it a perfect fit for all your care needs and your budget. We can provide: - Live in Carers - Assisted Technology and Monitoring - Responsive care - Short Term Care - Home from Hospital Services - 24 Hour Lifeline Response (Falls and Personal Care)

Is the care you provide just for the elderly?

No -We can provide care for all ages and abilities. We have variety of packages to suit the individual.

Which areas do you cover?

Our head office is based in Nottignhamshire and we also have a branch in Devon. Throughout the UK we have teams who manage different areas and therefore we can provide care all over the UK. We are also proud to be able to provide the same services across Spain and the Spanish Islands.

Who are Mi Casa?

Mi Casa Care are a new and exciting care provider supporting individuals across the UK and Spain to remain independent in their own homes. Born out of the desire of two social care professionals wanting to make a change.

What’s different about Us?

Mi Casa Care understands that care is not a fixed product bought off a shelf as a ‘one size fits all’ service. Mi Casa move away from the traditional care package and focus on a person centred approach delivering care and supporting people in a way that suits them. We have a ‘flexible’ approach to the care we deliver.

“Turning traditional care on its head and changing the way we deliver and receive care. Join us in laying a new path to a better future!”

Live In Care

Does the carer have to have their own room?

Yes - With all live in carers we request that you provide your carer their own space to be able to use their time off to rest with privacy and dignity.

How many hours a day does the carer work?

A carer will be with you 22 hours a day and be expected to work for a total of 10 hours in any one 24 hour period. The carer is entitled to 2 hours off during a reasonable time of day to rest and fulfil personal tasks. Should your care needs exceed this we will ask that a new needs assessment is carried out.

Do I have to provide their food?

No - In addition to their fees you will be expected to provide the carer with a weekly budget for their own food of between £40 - £50.

Do I have to have insurance to cover the carer in my home?

Each carer will have their own public liability insurance but it is advisable to carry this yourself should your carer become injured whilst in or on your property.

Can my carer take me out and about?

Yes - When requesting a Live in carer we will carry out a needs assessment which will also ask you what kind of person you would like supporting you and if you would like them to be a driver. We ask that you make contributions to fuel used if the carer is usig their own vehicle to assist you.

How many days a week do they work?

Live in Carers will work 7 days a week on a two or four week rota. They will stay with you for 2 or 4 weeks and alternate with another carer who will also follow the same shift pattern.

What type of jobs can I ask them to support me with?

Carers will assist you with all personal care support required, light domestic duties, shopping, local light errands, attending local social activities and appointments. They are not expected to deep clean houses, carry out long journeys (unless agreed in advance), look after pets and clean up after them (unless agreed) or deliver care or support for any other family members unless a 'couples package' has been arranged.

Can I choose which carer I would like?

Yes - Once we have carried out a needs assessment we can then shortlist a number of carers whom we think will be suitable. We will provide ou with a profile of each of these carers so you can learn more about them prior to acceptance. Where possible we arrange an opportunity for you to talk to or meet with your chosen carer before confirming your choice.

What happens if we don't get along?

Not everyone sees eye to eye and at first things can be lovely but as time goes on little differences start to appear. We would hope that you would contact us and let us know that you are not getting along (if not we will always keep in close contact with you anyway to offer support) and we can find you another carer as soon as possilbe to replace the original carer. This process works both ways as we value our clients and our staff equally but should a situation arise we will treat all conversations and communication with upmost confidentiality and respect.

Do the carers hold an Enhanced DBS?

Yes - We will not employ anyone who does not have, or is willing to undertake an Enhanced DBS check. As part of our company policy we also require new membes of staff to sign up to the government Update Service so that we can assess peoples credibility throughout their employment with us.

Are they trained to care for my needs?

All our team have carried out manatory training as a minimum before being able to support any individuals which consists of: - Health and Safety - Food Hygiene - Moving and Handling - Safeguarding - Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard - First Aid - Basic Life Support - Infection Control - Medication management and administration We support our team to complete other specialist training such as stoma care, catheter care, PEG feeding and many more to aid them in providing person centred care and also to support their own continuing professional development.

What happens if I want time alone?

Carers are people themselves and appreciate people want time to themselves from time to time. This is not an inconvenience. Just simply talk to your carer and let them know. So long as you are safe then the carerwill be happy for you to spend some time in your own company or with friends and family without their presence.

Do I pay the carer directly?

No - All payments are made through Mi Casa Care Ltd and we will pay the carer through our payroll.

24 Hour Response

When will you respond?

We will repond when your lifeline provider cannot get in contact with one of your primary contcts such as a family member, neighbour or friend. If you re not able to provide a contact to call in an emergency Mi Casa Can act as your main contact in certain circumstances. Just give us a call and have a chat.

What can you assist with?

Unlike other providers across the UK Mi Casa Care is CQC registered and trained in falls recovery. This means we can answer all lifeline emergency calls confidently, whilst completely ensuring that you are supported with dignity, respect and with the right support when required.

We assist with:

• Uninjured falls

• Personal care

• Medication administration support

• Safe and well checks and reassurance visits

• Support whilst waiting for emergency services

• Liaising with family or friends

Are your teams trained to get me up again if I fall?

Absolutely! We are tained in lifting uninjured falls and have specialist equipment to preserve your dignity whilst we help you back to your feet. Before supporting you to get up we will carry out a triage assessment to ascertain the extent of your possilbe injuries. If our team feel that you may have done more damage to yourself than originally suspected we will make you comfortable, call the emergency services and any other person you would like contacting and stay with you until further help arrives. We will never leave you!

Who will come to help when I press my button or an alert is raised?

Initially if you press your button and you have a primary contact in place such as a family member or friend they will be contacted first. If the call monitoring team cannot get hold of these contacts the Mi Casa Response team will be alerted and we will come out to you to see how we can help. Our responders work in two's for yours and their own safety.

Will I have to go to hospital?

Hopefully not! The aim of the response service is to try our best at keeping you at home and indepemdent. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way and sometimes you might find that you will require a trip to hospital. But we do our upmost to get you back on your feet and comfortable again as quickly as we can.

How often will you respond?

We are happy to respond whenever you need us - That's why we are here. But from time to time peoples level of needs and capacity can change and as a team we have to be responsive to these needs. As such if we are called out to respond in excess of 15 times in a month we will discuss with you and your family (If permitted by you) about reassessing your care needs. We are happy to make referrals for you and support you through any transition. If the number of call outs increases due to a temporary situation such as ill health or a return from hospital we are happy to work with you to support you as best we can.

Assisted Technology

What is Assisted Technology?

Will I have to pay for the devices?

Will the devices invade my privacy?

What happens if they break?

Who will install my equipment?

Who supplys the equipment?

What happens if I press it by accident?

Will my family/friends be contacted?

Short Term Care

How long does 'Short term' mean?

How quickly can you provide support?

Will I be supported to retain my independence?

Can I decide what care I receive?

What happens if I need care beyond the original agreement?

Responsive Care

How do I sign up?

Will I have an needs assessment carried out?

Can my family be there when you come to carry out the assessment?

Do I have to have support every day?

Is Responsive Care 24 available hours a day?

Do I still have to pay the monthly administration fee if I don't receive care during the month?

Can I get funding to pay for Responsive Care?

Who will come to support me?

How much notice do I have to give to have a carer visit?

Am I in a contract?

Starting with Mi Casa

How do I start using Mi Casa Care's Services?

How soon can I get help?

Is there an initial cost?

Will I have a support plan created?

Can I view my own support plan?

What happens if my needs change?


Do I have to pay for my care out of my own money?

Where can I go to get information on getting funding?

Who provides the funding?

Does it take long to get funding in place?


I have a complaint. What do I do?

Will my complaint be dealt with quickly?

Who manages my complaint?

Should I report it to CQC?

What if I'm not happy with your response?


I am concerned about someone, what do I do?

What is safeguarding?

Do the police get involved?

Will I be questioned as a witness if I report a safeguarding matter?

Who do I call or get in touch with if I am not comfortable coming to Mi Casa?

What happens when I raise a safeguarding concern?

I am being abused, what do I do?


How do I apply for a job with Mi Casa Care?

What experience do I have to have to become a team member?

Do you have an Equality and Diversity policy in place?

I've not worked in care before but would like to start, could I apply?

What training do I have to do to qualify as a Mi Casa Response Officer?

I have an Enhanced DBS already, can I use this?

How do I get registered on the DBS government Update Service?

Is there a uniform?

I want to work in Spain, how do I apply?